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 Drop in:
Paint Your Own Pottery and
Glass Fusion

PYOP - Paint Your Own Pottery
How Does It Work?

Drop in whenever we are open, no appointment needed and no reservations taken
Pick your pottery from our huge selection of unfinished ceramic pieces (also known as bisque) on our shelves!

Plan your design - if you need ideas we have lots of them!  Look through our "Inspiration Station" for stamps, stencils, sponges, books and take a look at our samples to be inspired!

Select your colours from dozens of great shades!  Ask our studio associates for help in getting the right amount of paint you will need!

Work your magic!  Painting pottery is a fun and relaxing art that allows you to experiment with colour and design to make your masterpiece!  And you pay only for your pottery piece - NO STUDIO FEES!

Prices range from $17-$50 per project, includes paints, glazing and firing.
Glass Fusion
How Does it Work?

Glass fusion is a beautiful art where you design your piece in the studio and we put it into our glass kiln to form it for you.  Drop in projects include using our pre-cut bar which is like a candy shop for your eyes.  Choose from multiple colors, shapes and sizes already cut for you to create ornaments, nightlights, picture frames, jewelry, business card holders and several more projects.  After you have succesfully completed the "Glass Fusion for Beginners" workshop, you will receive your "Glass Pass" that will let you drop in and create more advanced projects such as plates, platters and decorative pieces.  Come and check out our pre-cut bar for inspiration or peruse through our many books to help you decide what your next glass project will be!